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HayotFilms Production was founded in Prague in 2010 by cinematographer and video producer Otto Beck. Otto graduated from the New York Film Academy, where his graduation short film “The Keeper”, shot in Brooklyn, NYC was selected as one of the best graduation works in 2013 and participated in many festivals around the world.

Otto Beck worked as a director of photography with the famous director Costa Fam in his movie trilogy “The Witnesses” in 2016. This film was selected to the shortlist of Academy Awards (Oscars).

Camera Crew and video production in Prague
Videographer in Prague
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Over 50 million views

HayotFilms produced many commercials, promo, viral and many other videos in the last 10 years and gained over 50 million views on social media. Also, Otto has won in the best creative video category among cinematographers in Europe.

“HayotFilms Production has covered many events and interviews including prestigious brands like HP Enterprise, Microsoft, Nestle, Volkswagen, Prague City Hall and many others.”

In 2020 HayotFilms was proud to be listed among the top 100 Video Production Companies In The World by Beverly Boy Productions.